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November 26, 2019
The evolution of Carbon 60
December 19, 2019

Who Has The Best Carbon 60?

To answer this question, we will have to show you who has the cleanest, purist, smallest, and most bioavailable C60. At Carbon 60, Inc. we pride ourselves on our overabundance of 3rd party tests performed on our product to ensure its purity and safety.   

Who has the cleanest Carbon 60? 

Fullerene definition: A fullerene is a molecule of carbon atoms connected by single and double bonds to form a closed or partially closed mesh. The molecule can be many shapes and sizes.  

Fullerite definition: a crystallized form of a fullerene.  

Greska’s Carbon-60 is the only company in the world that produces their Carbon 60 without the use of solvents anywhere in their process. All other companies use solvents to extract the Carbon 60 from soot containing different forms of carbon. They then boil and dry the solvents, in an attempt to remove them out of their solution. This drying process does not remove all the solvents. Some of the solvents chemically bond to the carbon and get physically trapped. 

Their process produces not a fullerene (single molecule of carbon 60), but rather fullerite (many Carbon 60 molecules in the assembly of jagged crystals). 

Who has the purist Carbon 60? 

Greska’s product is simply pure Carbon 60. 

Greska’s carbon 60 is the only non-solvent extracted Carbon 60. Making it the obvious choice for those seeking the finest quality Carbon 60.  

Who has the smallest Carbon 60? 

A crystalline structure is a solid structure whose molecules are arranged in a repeating pattern. By this definition, fullerite Carbon 60 can’t have single molecules. Every solvent produced Carbon 60 company produces solvent bound, jagged, crystals.  

Carbon 60, Inc. on the other hand produces loosely connected spheres of Carbon 60 fullerenes. These spheres easily disperse throughout the body.  

You can see from the above picture, Carbon 60, Inc. produces the smallest form of carbon 60, as compared to other Carbon 60 vendors. (these pictures are all taken at the same magnification) 

Who has food grade Carbon 60? 

Greska’s Carbon-60 is pure clean and potent; it’s the only food grade product. 

Who has the most bioavailable Carbon 60? 

Bioavailability definition: The level and rate that a substance (such as an antioxidant) is distributed into a body or is made available. The smaller the molecule, the easier it can navigate throughout your body. 

The smallness of size and spherical shape (versus large crystals) makes Greska’s Carbon-60 the most bioavailable choice. 

Who has the safest Carbon 60?   

The human body is made up of mostly carbon, second only to water. Carbon is completely safe; Greska’s Carbon-60 is just carbon!  

The HAADF                                                                                             

The HAADF (High Angle Annular Dark Field Imaging) test, our sample showed Greska’s carbon-60 to have only carbon except for 0.52% oxygen. No other trace elements showed up in our Carbon-60.

As you can see the only elements in our product are Carbon and Oxygen. No trace elements, solvents or contaminants

University of Denver, located in Denver, Colorado. This study was conducted on rat brain cells. These tests confirm that Greska’s Carbon-60 is non-toxic to rat brain cells.

Greska’s Carbon-60, being the only solvent free carbon 60, is the only safe for human consumption product.

Who Has the Best Carbon 60?

From everything we have learned here today, we can clearly see that Greska’s Carbon-60, is the best quality Carbon 60 by far. For more information about our product visit: to learn more about our 3rd party testing also visit:

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  1. Josh Dove says:

    I’ve tried other brands and no matter what they tell you – there is solvent residue.
    Bob is an honest scientist and businessman who was happy to correspond with me and address my concerns.
    Just try it.

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