Topical Mist

Greska's Carbon 60 Topical Mist: Third-Party Tested and Verified Impurity-Free, Gluten-Free, non-GMO. The Only 100% Solvent-Free Carbon 60. Our Carbon 60 in water “Mist” is fast absorption and leaves no oily residue. Enjoy the clean Carbon 60 to reduce the signs of aging promoting a youthful complexion.

Despite the inability of Carbon 60 to be directly dissolved in water, there are several methods for preparing stable dispersions of C60 fullerenes in water without any particular modifications of the fullerene or addition of stabilizers.  Several studies have shown aqueous solutions of Carbon 60 fullerenes and water are possible. . Greska's Topical Mist also confirms the colloidal nature of such mixture.

 Research articles have confirmed the protective role of Carbon 60 in reducing free radicals and oxidative stress when used in rat kidney, and lungs damaged by the cancer treatment drug Doxorubicin.
Spray directly on muscle pain, joint pain, and nerve pain to reduce inflammation and discomfort. Our Topical Mist contains the same bio-available Carbon 60 as Greska’s Carbon-60 in sunflower oil without the need for oil,
hence no oily feel or lingering oil residue on the skin. 

Our proprietary Carbon 60 conversion process creates a colloidal water-based suspension, (not a dissolved solution.) 
Greska’s Topical Mist is fast absorbing and also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and helps moisturize the skin reducing the appearance of aging. Carbon 60 is a powerful antioxidant.


Topical Mist

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Our Carbon 60 in water “Mist” is fast absorption and leaves no oily residue. Enjoy the clean Carbon 60 to reduce the signs of aging promoting a youthful complexion.
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The Research & Science of Carbon 60 Benefits

Benefits of Carbon 60 for your skin health

Title: Fullerene C60 with cytoprotective and cytotoxic potential: prospects as a novel treatment agent in Dermatology?
Author: Angelique Rondags,Wing Yan Yuen,Marcel F. Jonkman,Barbara Horváth
Abstract: Novel treatment agents with the ability to scavenge or generate radicals can potentially be meaningful in the treatment of various skin diseases, especially for those diseases that have limited effective treatment options. This viewpoint essay will discuss the potential of fullerene C60, i.e. buckminsterfullerene, derivatives as novel treatment agents in dermatology.

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Effective against wrinkles

Title: Fullerene is effective against wrinkles
Author: Nina Tsao, Tien-Yay Luh, Chen-Kung Chous, Jiunn-Jong Wo, Yee-Shin Lin, Huan-Yao Lei
Abstract: To experimentally prove the effectiveness of fullerene/squalane, an 8-week double-blind clinical test was conducted on 23 female volunteers aged between 30 and 40 years according to the Japanese guidelines for the evaluation of antiwrinkle creams…Thus, fullerene/squalane can be used for antiwrinkle treatment, and fullerene may be useful for care after antiwrinkle LASER treatment.


Carbon 60 prevents UV damage

Title: Fullerene-C60/liposome complex: Defensive effects against UVA-induced damages in skin structure, nucleus and collagen type I/IV fibrils, and the permeability into human skin tissue
Author: Shinya Kato 1, Hisae Aoshima, Yasukazu Saitoh, Nobuhiko Miwa
Abstract: C60 was not detected in the dermis by HPLC, suggesting no necessity for considering a toxicity of C60 due to systemic circulation via dermal veins. Thus Lpsm-Flln has a potential to be safely utilized as a cosmetic anti-oxidative ingredient for UVA-protection


Water-soluble C60 fullerene prevents degeneration of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis

Title:Water-soluble C60 fullerene prevents degeneration of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis
Author: Kazuo Yudoh 1, Kiyoshi Shishido, Hideki Murayama, Mitsunobu Yano, Kenji Matsubayashi, Hiroya Takada, Hiroshi Nakamura, Kayo Masuko, Tomohiro Kato, Kusuki Nishioka​
Abstract:In rabbits with OA, treatment with water-soluble C60 significantly reduced articular cartilage degeneration, whereas control knee joints showed progression of cartilage degeneration with time. This inhibitory effect was dose-dependent, and was superior to that of HA. Combined treatment with C60 and HA yielded a significant reduction in cartilage degeneration compared with either treatment alone.

Conclusion: The results indicate that C60 fullerene is a potential therapeutic agent for the protection of articular cartilage against the progression of OA.


Carbon 60 reduces inflammation

Title: Fullerol nanoparticles suppress inflammatory responses
Author: Qihai Liu, PhD, Li Jin, MD, PhD, Francis H. Shen, MD, Gary Balian, PhD, and Xudong Joshua Li, MD, PhD*
Abstract: Thus, fullerene has been characterized as a “free radical sponge”, with an anti-oxidative efficacy of several hundred-fold higher than conventional antioxidants [19]. Fullerene and its derivatives were found to be in many biological applications: inhibition of nitric oxide formation by suppressing nitric oxide synthase [20], prevention of ischemia-induced injuries in brain [21], inactivation of viruses [22] and prevention of quartz-induced neutrophilic inflammation in the lungs [23]. Furthermore, a Japanese group showed that a water-soluble fullerene prevented the development of cartilage degeneration and arthritis with no detectable toxicity when intraarticularly injected into rabbits of an osteoarthritis model [24].