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Greska's Carbon-60 Testimonials

Cat Seizures
I have a seal point siamese cat who has seizures. She is not easy to dose, to put it mildly. So i sometimes miss a few days. But i see a marked difference in her appearance and behavior on the c60 spray. Without it, she looks sort of ratty, and depressed. With it, she has a much healthier look, a brighter eye, and she rolls around as if on catnip. I think it makes her feel better, and more alert. She’s my favorite cat ever, so I’m very grateful.
Mary H.
Mary H.
Hip Pain
I started using Greska’s in the fall for my hip pain. Until Greska’s, nothing has ever stopped my hip from hurting. I am happy to say that Greska’s Carbon 60 has significantly reduced my hip pain. I can now walk pain-free. I also used it on an open incision from surgery; the in-home nurses were amazed at how fast I was healing. They all took my empty bottles so they could order some. THANK YOU BOB, YOU'RE A GODSEND
Mary H.
Googled Them All
I’m writing this note so that hopefully my comments will reach others with similar experiences. During the four or five years I’ve been taking C-60, I spent many Google sessions on the subject, looking at various providers, growing more confused the more I Googled. It was alarming to see the competition, some companies naming others as not being reliable, when actually (I learned after the fact) it was the accusers who were not authentic providers. I found some sources selling the powder for those looking to make their own to bring the price down. Others sell, at a decent price, 500 ml bottles meant to be taken a tsp per day. Any time I spent reading about the molecules, the science was lost on me. I just know I love this product and wanted some answers. Finally, I contacted Bob, who demystified everything I asked. I was relieved that I followed my feeling and did not buy the cheap stuff or try to make it myself.
Cuts/Burns and My Face
I love Greska’s C60 and have used the sunflower oil orally on a daily basis for over three years. On occasion, I’ve applied the C60 to a cut or burn with great healing results. The new Topical C60 mist is excellent for cuts and burns and easier to apply than sunflower oil. No worries about the oil affecting your clothing. My favorite use for the Topical Mist is as a facial spray each morning. Feels very refreshing and nourishing to my skin…might even be tightening a few wrinkles.
L. E.
I have been using C-60 for about 6 months. My skin looks great, and I get looks (in a good way) when some of the younger women in my gym HIIT class watch me maneuver the heaviest dumbbells in the gym. I am 65, and I get lots of compliments from the young ladies – no, this is not at all my end goal, but I cannot say it does not motivate me at times! C-60 is part of my supplement routine. Of course, you need to eat an excellent diet and train consistently for the best results. You cannot expect C-60 to do all the work for you. By the way, I seem to get better results with the spray – I think it absorbs better. I cannot prove this, but this has been my observation. I spray it under my tongue and hold it for a minute or so for max absorption. Give this supplement a try. I think you will be pleased – but make it part of a comprehensive program of health and fitness!
Stephen G.
Special Needs
Hello, I am listening to the Pastor Butch show and want to tell you our testimony of using the C-60. We have a 19-year-old, special needs daughter, who started getting tummy pain about once a month at 12 years old. It was only when she started with her monthly menstruation that we put 2 and 2 together and realized this was cramps. Not only did she get severe monthly cramps, but she also got cramps halfway through at ovulation. When I heard about the C-60, I decided to try it for her. In the first cycle, there was no pain. In the second cycle, there was no pain. We are now past the fourth month with no pain, and needless to say, she will not forget her daily dose of C-60. This has been a lifesaver for us! You have permission to use this testimony. I am simply Mrs. S. from Virginia. Thank you so much and praise be to God!!
Mrs. S.

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“As a competitive Mountain Biker in the “Ultramasters” class, (which is age 60+), I have won the Chainbusters 3 hour endurance series championship for 3 year in a row, as well as their gravel series championship this year. I also have won the Gone Riding Georgia State Championship 60+ class championship 2 years in a row, including this year.
I attribute much of my success to C-60, from better endurance, recovery, and reduction of muscle soreness.
I want to thank Bob and his team for bringing such a great product to market.”

Carbon-60 sponsored VICTORY!

Kevin Groah

Before Greska's Carbon C60: hand image:
hand image after c60; Spider Bite image After Greska's Carbon C60

90 Days After Chemotherapy

Treatment to kill fast-growing cells.

4 Days After Carbon-60

Greska's Carbon-60 applied topically for four days

Glysophate damage before Greska's Carbon 60 use:
Glysophate damage after using Greska's Carbon 60 Testimonial Customer Photo

Glysophate Exposure

Glysophate is found in more than 750 herbicide products

After Greska's Carbon-60

Greska's Carbon-60 applied topically 

Aging Neck
Tried this on my aging neck and face and it sure seems to be somewhat of an anti-aging product because the lines in my face and neck are much fewer. I use the spray sometimes and sometimes just use a couple of drops of the oil-base. Can I buy this by the bucket!!!???? Plus had a very dry patch on my ankle area and it is gone! Maybe there is a magic pill after all. LOL Robin

I spoke with Mr. Greska yesterday and the conversation was very informative. His prices are much better than any purple c60. I feel great about not ingesting Toluene anymore. I will be buying my C60 from Greska's Carbon- 60 for now on. Thank you. Chris H.

Energy Booster
My husband takes Greska's Carbon-60 orally & he calls it is energy booster. I have seen massive improvements in that area. He has been able to more in the last 6 months then the previous 3 years. What a big difference. He is 76 & I am 75. Just youngsters. LOL N. N.

I do a great deal of lifting at work. I have been suffering elbow pain from playing tennis. I applied a few drops topically to my elbow before bed.
You could have blown me down with a feather… It felt 90% better overnight.!
How did that happen? I don't care really.. It just did. I'm taking it orally so I'm hopeful it works as well internally as it's got its work cut out. I am a tired, I ache, I'm a walking wreck. God help me, God bless you and all that you love.  Daniel N.

Knee Pain
Over the winter into the spring and summer, I started to have increased knee pain. This pain has plagued me on or off over the years and would go away. This year the pain was becoming unbearable where I could not walk or even stand on it for long. I believe in homeopathic avenues first so I bought 2 bottles of Greska’s Carbon-60 . While waiting for the 90-day supply I started taking the free trial. I have been talking about Greska’s Carbon-60 for approximately 30 days now. What really got me hooked on Greska’s Carbon-60 was my mental acuity. I work in the tech field and we are always crazy busy. The use of Greska’s Carbon-60 increased my mental state immensely. Brain fog was gone, and it felt like I could think again. Words came easier to my tongue as I spoke. Now for my last comment, I listened to Bob on Jeff Rense recently, and I heard about using Greska’s Carbon-60 as a topically to my knee with pain. This has been an even bigger difference. The pain is still there but I can walk in the morning again for exercise without pain or a brace.
This is the best my knee has felt in about 6 months. I will be purchasing my next 90-day supply soon. Alan A.

Sore Throat
I used Greska's C-60 at the onset of a sore throat and took about 1.5 doses aiming it strategically toward the back of my throat. Amazingly, within an hour of time, I literally started to cough up phlegm and a yellow mucus. I could feel my body fighting the virus almost instantly! If it wasn't for the C-60, I would have been sicker for a longer period of time. This is proof the product works! Thomas

Myelin Sheath
Just got a decent-sized order of c-60 in the mail. My girlfriend whose (immune system is attacking the protective myelin sheath around her nerves), is up out of bed and driving to the store, and shopping again on a daily basis. She laid in bed for the last year. This stuff is amazing!
Crypto 3.

Joint Function/Cholesterol
I've been taking C-60 for a couple of months. I've reported improvements in joint function and comfort. Just discovered a new and very significant change. My cholesterol count lowered from 239 to 146 !!!! Martha

Burned Finger

Within the last hour, I steam burned the top side of my left index finger. I usually apply clays or other remedies and eventually get relief, but this time I decided to try Greska’s C-60. Within a very short space of time, I had immediate relief. I have checked the tenderness of my finger and it completely feels normal. I am so amazed after having been stem burned many years ago and having to bear incredible pain for many days.
Thanks Bob!
Robert H.

Other Brands
I've been using other brands of C60 for 2 years with little results. I even used a Tablespoon a day for 2 months. Using Greska's C60 I can say for certain that my knee pain and lower back pain is finally gone. Better energy and better sleep and better memory and much more! I use just 1 dropper per day. Thank you Bob! R. H.

Memory/Hip Pain
I’m very happy and excited with the results of my taking C-60 for about a month now. I’ve suffered from at times severe right knee pain for at least a couple of years. It is gone as well as the right hip pain. Right shoulder pain is much improved. I’m hopeful for more improvements in health—metabolic syndrome and memory. I’ll continue to take C-60. I was very fortunate to be able to meet with Bob Greska while visiting my sister in Colorado. He inspires confidence with his expertise and warmth. Martha

Never stop making “C-60”, Bob… J.C.

Having over 60,000 seizures over the years I am VERY sensitive to any new introduction of ANYTHING to my body. 20% of our blood travels through our brain so my diet is something I protect!
My seizures still come but I no longer hit the bottom of existence and my core strength is much more balanced.
I would recommend this product for multiple reasons but to know I have a defense against seizures going to the bottom of my bucket of existence I live a more confident and peaceful life!!! T. Q.

Hip Pain
I started using Greska's in the fall for my hip pain. Until Greska's nothing has ever stopped my hip from hurting. I am happy to say that Greska's Carbon 60 has significantly reduced my hip pain. I can now walk pain-free. M. H.

I won 1st place in the 1/2 Marathon in Fort Lauderdale Florida in Mid February. Carbon-60: “I won’t leave home without it.” A. Y.

First Place
Multiple Wins! “I was running middle of the pack, discouraged and about to quit, until my Dr. Wally Unruh, (Castle Rock, CO), my Dad, gave me Carbon-60. I took 1st place in my next race, 1st place in the next competition, and 1st place again in my next. C. U.

Blood Sugar
It is quite expensive and at first glance, looks like snake oil salesman stuff. I don't understand the research behind the product, but I am not a biochemist like the seller is. Been taking Greska's Carbon 60 for about 2 months. This is what happened following a diabetic diet. My energy level increased taking high-quality ginseng along with it; avg glucose reading went from 180 to 95 mg/dl and my migraine headaches abated greatly over this time. A. Y.

Weight Lifting
I have consumed 2 bottles of Bob's C60. I have also tried one other brand twice. I feel based on this experience that Bob's offers a bit more of a boost. I am currently trying this other brand and will see how long it lasts. There is also a third brand I may try. My favorite way to evaluate my energy while working out at the club. I find taking Bob's c60 an hour prior to working out gives me a boost of energy and I can push more weight. H. H.

Gall Bladder
I am age 73 and don't like to go a day without this. It's like nothing I ever took for my body. I am on no meds and an active dancer so really have to take care of my body, but a year ago had some real problems never had before with my liver and gall bladder and related issues. I heard about this product and along with some supplements and changes in habits and food I eat I recovered but I can tell you that from the first day I took carbon 60 I felt the difference and I am not sure I would have recovered so well without this. It's subtle some days and not so subtle on others. Energy, ability to focus, sleep better, calmer and overall health is better than when I tool a whole bunch of supplements…with just this. A number of things I had for years, minor but annoying, like a wart on my arm, just disappeared. M. N.

Hair Growth
I feel stronger. My hair seems to be growing back. (It was thinning.) F. S. 

Bob Greska's Carbon 60 is doing great for me. Just as an example, I've tried to restart my running program after a long layoff due to injuries and I'm doing well. I didn't think I would be running again. Ever. Recovery from the previous day is very surprising. My energy level is also greatly improved. An elderly family member is also taking it and it has made a big change too. You don't realize the distinct change until one day it occurs that you are doing more in your daily routine and how much your stamina has increased. I'm very pleased with the results and plan to continue to use Bob Greska's C-60. P. L. 

I have no words to explain how grateful and super amazed I am. I will just say it has turned my life back to happiness. Leo B. 

Better sleep and waking up ready to take on my day with a clear thought process and more energy. T. B. 

I don't know why, but there is an extra oomph of energy. A. G. 

Tiny Print/Stamina/Hair
Well, first off within 3 days of first using organic Greska C-60 my eyesight noticeably improved I could read tiny micro text on labels, etc, that I could not beforehand. Also over time, I have noticed heaps more energy and stamina, and my small bit of male-pattern baldness on the back of my head has nearly gone. A. H.

It has improved my life with more energy, and I feel healthier and happier. Danny Z.

Physical Job
I believe C-60 improves my endurance and recovery time as I have a physical job. W. C.

Clarity of Mind
Absolutely, helps with clarity of mind, and general wellness. A little difficult to say exactly the benefits as I take other supplements as well. S. C. 

I am 70. A lot of tennis and exercise. I use your C-60 for about two years now with ongoing rejuvenation. I do feel like 50 as I remember my physical condition twenty years ago. Roland K. 

Greatly enhanced energy and outlook. M. K.

More energy, better sleep, less sleep, feel calmer. Ben V. 

Overall Health
I have not been sick in two years since I’ve been taking Bob Greska’s Carbon 60. I do not have the aches and pains of a middle-aged woman. I sleep better. My overall health has improved. Kelli D. 

12-hour Shift
My mom was able to work her 12-hour shift with almost no pain in her joints Renne O.

I have quicker cognition and my mind feels more clear. K. F.

I am 76
I am 76 and it gives me strength and lots of vitality, as I need it now. Paulette P. 

Look Younger/Memory
My joints don't swell. sleep much better, look younger, have better memory, more energy. Rebecca R

Helps with my well-being and I think it helped me go thru chemo with fewer side effects. S. H.

Peak Lifestyle
I am able to stay up later and maintain a peak and active lifestyle with less rest. Overall, I feel that my general health and well-being have improved. J. B.


I did not have the dramatic effects you advertised. It was a gradual improvement in my health such as having the ability in bending over to pick up a napkin that fell to the floor–believe me, that was a great improvement in the quality of my life! Dan M. 

My rashes cleared up, cuts and bruises seem to mend faster. Pollen problems are not as severe Pam L.

Night Driving
My night driving is again possible, I don’t get sick, I have old cervical cysts that are calm and quiet when I use Greska’s. When I stop, within a couple of weeks I am crippled with pain. Deb O.

Athletic Performance
Being that I am a professional track and field athlete, I am always looking for ways to improve my performance. Most days my workouts consist of explosive sprinting, Carbon-60 helps me significantly improve in between repeat reps of sprinting. If I qualify for the Olympics next year, part of my success will be credited to Carbon-60  J. L.

I’m able to think more clearly. It also helps with my feeling anxious and sad. W. U.

More Energy
Greska’s has helped me mentally and physically for the year over so I have taken it. I love it. It keeps me regular and also gives me clean energy to my body with no crash. I also never get sick!!  A. V.

I have no quantitative data – just better energy, especially noticeable during exercise.  Mimi

It helps me feel more energetic   M.S. 

Greska's Carbon 60 has increased sustained energy and well-being.
Dan G.

Range of Motion
I was getting scared to drive because I couldn’t turn my head now I can.  Phil

Superior C60
I have taken purple power as well as and found to be far superior.  Dano

I've taken Bucky, LLL, PP, and now Bob's. I took PP for 2 months and experienced night terrors and euphoria, both of which are side effects of toluene solvents. I wasn't sure what to expect from Bob's, I was skeptical at first and these petty attacks don't help, but I really feel good about Bob's product.    Tesla M

I’ve been taking the C60 in sunflower oil for six months now and have had amazing results with my chronic joint pain and inflammation. I just had knee replacement surgery and recovered in weeks rather than months.  Jo Jo

Before and After photo using carbon C60 for Birthmark

Before and After

Six days of topical application of Greska's Carbon-60 to a birthmark

Spider Bite image Before Greska's Carbon C60

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

24 hours after  topical application of Greska's Carbon-60 toxins appear to be neutralized. Death of skin stopped.

Amazing Product
What an amazing product. Increased mental clarity and more energy and vitality are but a few of the noticeable benefits I have found from taking Greska's Carbon 60. M. H.

The absolute best detox product I have ever used. Highly recommended….. R. S.

It Actually Works
This is the place to get carbon-60. The quality is excellent and it is made using no solvents, unlike the others. Nice sunflower oil. And most importantly, it actually works, it makes you feel better and you can think more clearly. It took less than a week to get going. I will most definitely be continuing to use it. Fabulous stuff. I. M.

I'm 66 so can feel a bit tight when getting up in the middle of the night or morning. I take the product in the morning before breakfast and after a 7 to 10-mile bike ride and lots of water. I take an above-average amount every other day. I know the electrons surging through the body all the way to the sweat glands after exercise. I feel a definite difference in my legs and calf muscles in the days after. When I arise in the morning now my legs are loose and springy – like I used to take for granted and can again. I know this product is cleansing my whole body. I have not had such a definitive result with any other approach to health this quickly. It is a real health augmenter and makes me feel optimistic in my outlook. G. P.

Feel Younger
I am 65 and in pretty good health. After using Carbon – 60 I feel younger as far as my energy level. Michael A.

Motivated Outlook/Sleep
I have been using this product for several months and I have noticed that I have a wonderful feeling of well-being, and especially my outlook- I feel positive and motivated; that’s the best way I can describe it. I also sleep deeper… I am able to remember my dreams and dream a lot more… As for my cats, they definitely have tons more energy… I will be taking this product as long as Bob keeps making it! Laura M.

Immune System
I have been steadily reading about our health for the last year. Our health is directly linked to what we eat, what we drink, and what we breathe. I've been taking C60 for a week and have been able to Optimize my Immune System. C60 has given me an extra step in my overall health. Mr. Greska is such an incredible person and inventor. Thank you so much! Sands

Thank you, Mr. Greska! Carbon 60 has changed my life. My nerdy self would love to come up and see your lab! I'm a massage therapist/craniosacral/visceral manipulation therapist and I spent seven months of last year not feeling well due to an overload of exposure to toxins within a concentrated time period resulting in blood-shot eyes and bilateral feet/ankle swelling by mid-day, overloaded liver through absorption of others' body oils/toxins, violent upper respiratory hacking through the night and into the morning inducing vomiting due to the absorbing of toxins at work through skin oils/respiratory loads all complemented by general despair/depression and feeling sick for so long with lymph congestion/blood flow/clots through legs, and a pervading feeling of doubt in the vitality, strength, endurance, and trust in my muscles/body. Once my foggy head cleared out over break, I was able to piece together what was happening to my body with the exposure – I found your product, ordered it, put it on my nightstand for a few weeks, and FINALLY put it IN my mouth. Four days later, I felt certain that I had MORE clarity, LESS inflammation in my body (read as three inches of inflammation from my abdomen!!! Ability to once again not feel so much congestion – lymph congestion/micro-blood-clots through my legs), less hacking (supplemented with some herbs and a detox protocol) and was once again WAKING up BEFORE the sun and SUPER-excited to start my day! One week and a half later: I was waking up and exclaiming to the not-yet-risen Sun “Where are you?! Okay, I'll turn the lamp on and read a book. Still waiting for ya!” Thank you for helping support my body's tissues/cells so that I can feel great again/be engaged with work, community, people, reduce serious inflammation, have more energy at the end of the day to continue studies, boost my immune system, and make my brain super alert and ready to learn even more every day! Eternal Gratitude! C. R.

Customer Service/Price
I spoke with Mr. Greska yesterday and the conversation was very informative. His prices are much better than Ken's at C 60 purple power. I feel great about not ingesting Toluene anymore. I will be buying my C60 from Greska's Carbon- 60 from now on. Thank you. Chris

Foot Pain/Tingling
My foot pain had left several toes and the foot pad from which they extend was severely affected. Some parts were completely without feeling and some parts tingled. On the day my C60 arrived, I felt a sharp stinging in the pad of my left foot. I gave it 1 squirt and rubbed it in. I was shocked when 90 seconds later, the stinging stopped; and it has not returned. I cautiously proceeded, day by day, applying it to more and more of the area. It has not completely stopped the discomfort in those areas, but it has dramatically improved it. I can walk much better now. I'm writing this because I want others with peripheral nerve pain to have a way to make it better. Jerry

Skin Looks Great
I have been using C-60 for about 6 months. My skin looks great and I get looks (in a good way) when some of the younger women in my gym HIIT class watch me maneuver the heaviest dumbbells in the gym. I am 65 and I get lots of compliments from the young ladies – no, this is not at all my end goal, but I cannot say it does not motivate me at times! C-60 is part of my supplement routine. Of course, you need to eat an excellent diet and train consistently for the best results. You cannot expect C-60 to do all the work for you. Btw, I seem to get better results with the spray – I think it absorbs better. I cannot prove this, but this has been my observation. I spray it under my tongue and hold it for a minute or so for max absorption. Give this supplement a try. I think you will be pleased – but make it part of a comprehensive program of health and fitness! Stephen G.

NO MORE TORMENT!!! For over 4 years now, I have been fighting a violent and pain-filled war against an illness that was brought on by an incredibly toxic herbicidal agent (Glyphosate).

After seeing teams of doctors, for recent years, with absolute zero success, I decided to take the initiative by investigating the cause and looking at how to reverse it, if at all possible.

VIOLA! IN comes Greska's C-60. Within days the improvements seemed miraculous. Within weeks, I was, sure that I was witnessing a miracle. Yes, those are my legs in the photographs. I took those myself. C-60 has not only given me hope for a full recovery, but it has given me a return of QUALITY OF LIFE! It has also liberated me by allowing me to get away from my Lazyboy recliner that I use for my rife frequency experimentations. By the way, if the doctors get wind that one is using a rife machine, you won't get a real diagnosis. They just tell you, “We don't know why that is happening.” Then they tell you a Latin description of the symptoms, which you already know in the English language.

Thank you, Bob. For your amazing formulation of C-60. Charles L.

Fast Shipping
My C-60 arrived today! Wow, that was fast! Thank you for such an awesome product and terrific service 🙂 D. A.

Breath Easier
I’m HOOKED on carbon60- I use to have trouble breathing, and taking deep breaths, in this humid south Texas heat- it was a nightmare. Also,- I caught Covid December 2020 and was sick for 10 days- bad stuff. Since taking carbon60- I haven’t even had a simple sniffle/ nothing at all in over 18 months- and counting! I truly believe my immune system is stronger since taking this product- and I trust Bob Greska- and Carb60. I feel healthier at 53- than I did at 30, and no- I’m not getting paid to promote this- it’s very simple “ when you find the magic bullet” that’s working- you stick to it! God Bless you, brother….. Scott S.

Mom Cried
I purchased your Greska’a Carbon-60 for my mom. My mom tried it out today and she cried. She cried because for the first time, in I don’t know how long she is without pain in her knee. God bless you Bob and thank you for this amazing product. I am sure we are going to continue to be amazed by it. Cindy.

Xray Proof
Had a very neat surprise a few days ago. I had a slight knee injury and the doctor requested an x-ray.
I was there when he read the x-ray… he said holy moly I can’t believe this x-ray! This is an x-ray of a woman 30 to 40 years old. I am decades older than that.
He said the joint and the health of the bones were absolutely exceptionally perfect. I have been taking C60 for six years. Full healthy hair, smooth skin with no wrinkles superb energy, vitality, balance, and agility. But what a great surprise to find out my bones are so great!
Thanks Bob Greska and C60!
Love ya, Barb C.