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November 19, 2020
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December 4, 2020

Roll On Applicator



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Greska’s Carbon-60™ Roll-On comes packaged in an easy to use roll-on applicator. Carbon-60 in sunflower oil is highly absorbent and has several vitamins and compounds which are good for your skin. Vitamin E helps protect the skin from UV damage, providing collagen protectants and elastin that reduce wrinkles. The Linolic acid in sunflower oil helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier, supporting its ability to retain moisture. Greska’s Carbon-60 also has an anti-inflammatory effect when used topically; this makes it beneficial for dry skin and other skin conditions.

You can apply it directly on your skin over joints, muscles, and organs. Remember Carbon-60 is black; use caution and avoid getting any on your clothing! The content is the same formula as our oral supplement, just in an easy to use roll-on applicator. The roll-on applicator can be used for more than 100 applications depending on the coverage area.

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