Greska's C-60
DETOX your body at the cellular level

Supports a Healthier You!

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Ten bottles of Greska's C-60
12 Pack – 45-Day
March 16, 2020
c-60-1oz Bottle
1 BOTTLE : Intro Ad Offer 15% Off
September 15, 2020

Buy Two 45-Day Get 15% Off

(2 customer reviews)



2 reviews for Buy Two 45-Day Get 15% Off

  1. B Dulebohn

    Sorry y. Was interested, but you priced me out of the market.

  2. Sandra Vankirk

    That is much better for me , I went with other company’s because of price. Two in household
    on SSS. I appreciate the sample for are family to try. I started with your company it got to expensive.
    After taking other brands I think yours is one of the best.

    • C60ShopManager

      Thank You Sandra! Yes, Price per ounce we are more expensive,
      but, since our C60 is much more concentrated…
      if you compare price per serving we are much less expensive than others,
      and people report much better results with Greska’s Carbon-60.

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