Greska’s Carbon-60: Media Coverage

What is Greska's Carbon-60?

Greska's Carbon=60 is ultra clean solvent-free Carbon-60 suspended in Organic Sunflower oil
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Can Carbon 60 Be The Missing Link For Extreme Longevity?

Bob Greska talks about C-60 and how it can impact our health.
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Does the Color Purple Indicate
Carbon 60?

Purple indicates the presence of solvent, a hydrocarbon solvent, and carbon 60
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Why we use Sunflower Oil in Our Greska's Carbon-60 Product

A long shelf life...
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Kate Hart Three Year Anniversay

3 Years taking Greska's Carbon-60
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What is the test to verify the presence of Carbon 60?

Only one test verified the Nobel Prize C60
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Why is Greska's Carbon-60 Black?

"Well, Carbon is black. The particles are very small, there 20 Nano meters, and theres very many

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