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What can Greska’s Carbon-60 do for me?
March 12, 2020

Greska’s Carbon 60 and its effects on oxidation

In this blog we will show you how our solvent free Carbon 60 reduces cell death in rat tissue, and how that translates to us (humans).

This study was conducted on rat cells, not human cells; therefore, we can only confirm that Greska’s Carbon-60 is non-toxic to rat brain cells.

In this test, samples of neuronal cell culture of rodents (Brain cells) were exposed to different concentrations of Greska’s Carbon-60™. After 24 hours, there were no signs of any negative effects in the viability or cell death process as compared to the non-treated cells.

The test results from KIHA University of Greska’s Carbon-60 being non-toxic was exciting news! Dr. Parades continued testing and found other unexpected and exciting results.

In his continued testing, Dr. Parades was interested in taking the toxicity experiment to the next level. Given the reported antioxidant properties of Carbon 60, Dr. Paredes investigated the potential of Greska’s Carbon-60 on cell protection upon confronting the cells with an extremely oxidant environment. In the next set of experiments, the goal was to observe Greska’s Carbon-60™ reaction when hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) was added to the cell culture media to induce cell death.

Hydrogen peroxide is a potent oxidizing agent and can be used for bleaching, as a disinfectant, and even as a rocket fuel component. In the scientific research community, it is common practice that hydrogen peroxide is used to induce cell death in scientific research and experiments.

Using the same rat brain cell culture as was used in the toxicity testing, the control sample and Greska’s Carbon-60 were prepared. After the addition of the hydrogen peroxide, following standard procedure, the expectation is to see significant cell death within 24 hours. When both samples were evaluated after 24 hours, the control sample (without Greska’s Carbon-60™) showed 80% cell death. What was astounding was the brain cell culture with Greska’s Carbon-60™ added, when checked at the 24-hour point, there was only 40% cell death. That is an increase in the survival rate of 50% when compared to the non-treated cells.

According to Dr. Parades, “Adding hydrogen peroxide to this cell culture is like throwing an atomic bomb in the petri dish. There’s nothing that can prevent cell death. To see this level of survival rate is remarkable.”  Dr. Parades continues, “Even though this experiment was done in rodent cells, there is a great probability that such protective effect of the Greska’s Carbon-60™ that we observed, also happens in a whole organism, including humans, this result merits further research to fully explore the potential of this molecule (Greska’s Carbon-60) in the treatment of devastating conditions where oxidative stress is at the core of cell death” 

So why did Greska’s Carbon-60™ slow the cell death caused by the hydrogen peroxide?

The simple explanation is, it seems as if Greska’s Carbon-60 is acting as an antioxidant. Let’s look at the chemical composition of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. That is, two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. If you remember from your basic chemistry lesson, water is H2O, is two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hydrogen peroxide is highly toxic to cells, causing cell death. It would appear that Greska’s Carbon-60™ was able to act as an antioxidant and neutralize one of the destructive oxygen atoms, thus dampening the toxicity of hydrogen peroxide. Simply put, by acting as an antioxidant, Greska’s Carbon-60™ was able to slow the cell death caused by the hydrogen peroxide. This is a significant and noteworthy finding that deserves further testing and research.

Now for the added bonus: Greska’s Carbon-60 is much, much smaller than antioxidants found in and foods. Greska’s Carbon-60 has the added ability to penetrate the mitochondria where most of the free radicals are produced. This added benefit due to the smallness of size makes Greska’s C60 a super antioxidant.

Part Two of testing Greska’s Carbon-60 for safety was to perform a test to detect any toxic heavy metals.
As the second step in confirming Greska’s Carbon-60™ is non-toxic and safe, we tested for heavy metals at Steep Hill Laboratories.

Steep Hill Laboratories, with many locations throughout the United States, is a highly regarded science and technology company focusing on lab testing, licensing, genetics, and research and development for the cannabis industry.

We are pleased to report that the Steep Hill Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Greska’s Carbon-60 shows that our product contains none of these heavy metals: Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, or Mercury.

So the Steep hills laboratory report shows that no heavy metals were found in Greska’s Carbon-60 Organic Sunflower Oil.

Why is it Important to Test for Heavy Metals? Heavy metals are described as metallic elements that are somewhat high in density compared to water. Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are considered some of the most toxic heavy metals and are therefore considered a high priority for public health safety. These particular heavy metals are known to cause many health issues when exposed to even low levels. Although heavy metals occur naturally in our environment, there are many factors, usually man-made, that increase our exposure to these toxic substances. Some examples include metal-based industries such as mining, foundries, and smelters. Other man-made exposures come from an increase in usage of different industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical purposes like coal power plants, nuclear power plants, manufacturing of plastics, textiles, microelectronics, and paper. Some naturally occurring events that contribute to our exposure to heavy metals include volcanic eruptions and erosion.

In conclusion, Greska’s Carbon 60 contains no harmful heavy metals and is not only completely safe in rat brain cells (“Even though this experiment was done in rodent cells, there is a great probability that such protective effect of the Greska’s Carbon-60™ that we observed, also happens in a whole organism, including humans,” Dr. Parades,) but it is also extremely beneficial in protecting against cell death caused by the oxidizing effects of Hydrogen Peroxide.

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