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What is Greska’s Carbon-60?

Greska’s Carbon-60 is a dietary supplement containing Food Grade near atomic size pure carbon molecules. Carbon 60 is a known antioxidant which stabilizes free radicals and neutralizes toxins in your body. Greska's Carbon 60 delivers results for Energy*, Health* and Vitality*.

Each serving (2/3ml) of Greska’s Carbon-60 contains over 100 billion of Carbon 60 Molecules. Each C60 molecule has the ability to share electrons to stabilize free radical and neutralize ionic toxins in your body. Donating an electron to these electron deprived free radicals turns these molecules back on giving your body more energy to mend itself naturally.
Greska’s Carbon-60™ is very much like a super, more highly available antioxidant due to is small size. This small size makes this antioxidant very bio available.

What does it do?

C60 can share electrons to free radicals and toxins in your body. Stabilizing or neutralizing them.

What time of day?

Mornings are preferred, with or without food.

What is the serving size?

The serving size is two thirds a milliliter (2/3 ml) or 1/8 teaspoon. There are 45 servings in a bottle for a 45 day supply.

What testing have you done?

We have done purity and authenticity testing to verify we produce a clean, food-grade C60. We have all the reports posted on our website under science, including our CoA, purity testing, heavy metals testing, toxicity testing, and microscope pictures showing our carbon spheres.

What is the concentration?

The concentration of C60 in our product is 4.2 ml per liter.

What does it taste like?

Our C60 comes suspended in sunflower oil and virtually has no taste.

Can I give this to my pet?

Yes. Many people have had success in giving Carbon 60 to their pets. We recommend you give your pet one individual drop for every 3 pounds that is weighed. If you have a 30-pound pet, give it ten drops. Formula: Weight/3=Dosage

What are the ingredients?

There are two ingredients that go into our product: Organic Sunflower Oil, and Carbon 60.

Where can I buy it?

You may purchase our product through our website or place an order over the phone.

Where do you get your ingredients?

We manufacture our C60. And we source our organic Sunflower Oil from “Spectrum.”

Why did you choose organic sunflower oil?

Sunflower Oil proved to be the best carrier for our C60. With little taste and a long shelf life

Why isn’t it purple?

Carbon 60 shows purple in the presence of toluene (or other toxic solvents). Together C60 and toluene show purple. So, if you have purple, you have toluene present. We at Greska’s Carbon 60 developed an exclusive process to produce Carbon 60, which does not use any toluene or solvent of any kind anywhere in our process.
Producers of solvent extracted C60 flash off or vacuum oven-dry the solvent solution of C60 and toluene. Elevated temperatures and vacuum cause the toluene to physically trapped and chemically bonded to the C60 molecules.
This changes the bond angle of the electrons giving it a purple color when mixed into vegetable oil. Why Is it Black? All carbon is black except for diamond.
We at Greska’s Carbon 60 can super concentrate our C60 in vegetable oil. We not only have dissolved C60 in our oil, but our C60 is also so small we suspend many, many more C60 molecules into the oil in what is known as a colloidal suspension

Why is it, Black?

Carbon 60 is black. Our product consists of organic Sunflower Oil and Carbon 60. We have an abundance of Carbon 60 molecules in our product which is where the black color comes from.

How is this different from your competitors?

We do not have trace toxic solvent in our C60 due to our truly solvent free production process. Instead of having crystals of C60 held together by solvent that must be dissolved into oil.
We are able to colloidally suspend our C60 into our sunflower oil. By this method we are able to achieve a super concentrated C60 product. You do not have to take large amounts of oil for a single dose with our product.

How big is the bottle?

Each bottle is 1 ounce and last for about 45 days or 45 servings.

How long does the bottle last?

Each bottle contains 45 serving which lasts 45 days.

How often do I take c60?

We recommend once per day 2/3 mL.

How long is the products shelf life?

Each bottle has a shelf life of 2 years.

How do you take the c60?

Each bottle comes with a glass dropper. One serving is 2/3’s of a dropper full which equals 2/3’s of an ml. One good squeeze of the bulb will fill the dropper just over halfway, equaling 2/3’s of a dropper full.

How many calories are in a serving?

There are 5.3 calories per serving.

Is it food grade?

We are the only “Food Grade,” Non-Solvent processed, Carbon 60 supplement manufacturer in the world.

We use a truly non solvent process, (as we use no solvents anywhere in our process). Our product is Carbon 60 in high quality Sunflower Oil.

We use a highly filtered non-GMO, Certified Organic Sunflower as carrier for the Carbon 60 “powder.”

How is our C60 different?

Quality: The quality of the Carbon 60 “powder” is a big difference. Toxicity: Greska’s Carbon 60 powder contains no toxic solvents.
All competitors use the solvent extraction method and do contain solvent residues. Not Agglomerated: Greska’s Carbon 60 powder is not stuck together with solvent residue.
The solvent extraction method used by all competitors and the unavoidable residual solvents from their process causes the C60 molecules to stick together, much like BB’s and dried honey, forming large agglomerated crystals.
Shape: Greska’s Carbon 60 powder is spherical and not crystalline. Spheres are much more compatible with soft tissue than sharp jagged crystals.
Size: Greska’s Carbon 60 powder is about 4000 times smaller in size than all other C60 powders as Greska’s is not agglomerated by solvent residue. Bio-Availability: Since Greska’s Carbon 60 is about 4000 times smaller in size.
It is more Bio-Available due to this much smaller size. Mobility: Since Greska’s Carbon 60 is about 4000 times smaller in size. It has a greater ability to be attracted to the little charges of electron sharing.
Results: Greska’s Carbon 60 has a much, much higher percentage of positive feedback than solvent-extracted C60.
How big is the bottle? The bottle size is 1 ounce (or 30ml). How long does a bottle last? Our bottle of Carbon 60 oil is a 45 day supply at the recommended 2/3 ml (1/8 teaspoon) per day.



Who owns the company?

Bob Greska is the Founder and CEO of Greska’s Carbon-60. He has worked in the Carbon industry for most of his life. Bob has a special interest in increasing human performance through his work.

Are you on social media?

Yes. We are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram

When did you start your business?

After Bob developed his process to produce our C60 in 2012, he proceeded to test out the product to verify that what we have was the real deal. We started selling C60 in sunflower oil in 2013.

Where are you located?

We are located in Littleton, Colorado, just south of Denver. 8156 South Wadsworth Blvd 80128

Where are your Resellers?

We list our on our resellers website under the “Where to Buy” tab.

How do I become a Reseller?

If you wish to become a distributor, you can begin by purchasing our product wholesale. Wholesale is 20 bottles minimum and cost $50 per bottle. If you would like, we can list you on our website under our “Where To Buy” section.

Can I visit you?

We do not have a public office that accepts visitors, but our founder is usually more than happy to take a call/ talk with you.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do not have an affiliate program at this time. But you may buy our product wholesale and become a reseller.

Are you FDA approved?

Only drugs and medical equiptment are subject to FDA approval. As a company, we do our best to keep up to FDA standards and regulations to ensure we are FDA compliant to their guidlines.

Who makes the C60?

We produce our C60 using a unique process that does not utilize toxic solvents or solvents of any kind anywhere in the production process.

Who discovered C60?

Harry Kroto originally discovered and proved the existence of C60 in 1980. Bob Greska developed his solvent-free process to create C60 in 2012.

When did you discover solvent free C60?

Bob Greska developed his solvent-free process to create C60 in 2012.

Do you sell Raw C60 Powder?

We do not offer our raw C60 powder as a stand-alone product. We only offer it mixed in sunflower oil.

Who is Bob Greska?

Bob Greska is the Founder and CEO. He has worked in the Carbon industry for most of his life. And has a special interest in increasing human performance through his work. His carbon-based education and career, as a Materials and Processes Engineer in the Aerospace Industry, has also allowed him a unique insight into the characteristics and properties of working with carbon.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, wholesale starts at a 20-bottle minimum. Whole Sale



Do you have proof you have C60?

Yes. We tested our C60 powder using the same test method that won Harry kroto his Nobel Prize for C60's discovery in 1996.

Do you have any testimonies?

Due to FDA compliance, we cannot give out testimonies

What is a Free Radical?

Free Radical Definition - A free radical is a molecule in your body with at least one unpaired electron. Electrons like to be in pairs. This causes the free radicals to seek out electrons to steal, typically stealing electrons from healthy cells.

Some factors that lead to the creation of free radicals include diet, lifestyle, pollution, radiation, toxins, working out, smoking, etc. Since Carbon 60 is an antioxidant, it can share, or donate, electrons to stabilize the molecule by giving the molecule an electron, pairing the with the unpaired electron. Pairing these electron pairs turns these poorly functioning molecules to higher functioning molecules and giving your body more energy to mend itself naturally.

What is an antioxidant?

An antioxidant protects the cells in your body against free radicals by readily donating an electron to the free radical, thereby neutralizing it.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Definition- Oxidative Stress is a chain reaction or cascade effect of one free radical stealing an electron from a nearby molecule and that one taking an electron from the next and so on in a domino-like reaction. This cascade of stealing electrons disrupts the cells function. Oxidative stress can lead to tissue and cell damage and plays a significant role in the aging process.

Bioavailability & Maneuverability

Bioavailability Definition- The level and rate that a substance (such as an antioxidant) is distributed into a body or is made available. In a nutshell, Greska’s Carbon-60™ is a super antioxidant. There are several reasons why it is such an effective antioxidant.
The most important factors are the size and non-crystalline round geometry of the C60 molecule. Since the C60 molecule is so small, it has a very high ability to maneuver around the body freely. We can put this by merely saying that “Greska’s C60 is Very Bio-available.”
Greska’s Carbon-60™ is very much like a super, more highly available antioxidant due to is small size and bioavailability. This size gives the ability to work at the mitochondrial level.

What does Carbon-60 do for your body?

It is known that most health issues are caused by free radicals; molecules in your body missing an electron. These defunct molecules do not work properly. They disrupt and impair bodily functions. Greska’s Carbon 60 provides an electron to these problematic, non-contributing, molecules missing the electron. Now, these electron completed molecules can contribute to you bodily functions as your body has more energy to mend itself. Greska’s Carbon-60™ stabilizes free radicals and neutralizes toxins in your body on the near atomic scale.

The purity, small size, non-crystalline spherical shape and the ability to donate or share an electron is the breakthrough with Greska’s Carbon-60™.

Our product delivers unprecedented results for Energy*, Health* and Vitality*. Scientific tests prove that Greska’s Carbon 60 is the cleanest, purest, most concentrated bio available C60 product on the market.