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Carbon-60 for Beginners

Oxidative stress is quite easy to understand:

Free radicals are atoms within molecules that lack one or more electrons.  Free radicals steal electrons from healthy molecules/cells, damaging the healthy molecules/cells in the process.  This chain reaction adds up and multiplies exponentially called oxidative stress.

Carbon-60 molecules share their electrons by bonding to these free radical molecules that are missing electrons thereby stabilizing these unbalanced molecules from damaging healthy cells.  This is the function of an antioxidant.

An imbalance of free radicals causes oxidative stress
Oxidative stress causes inflammation
Inflammation is at the core of most health issues

The five-step on how it works:
Carbon-60 donates electrons to free radicals (molecules missing an electron)Stabilized free radicals reduce oxidative stress
Reduced oxidative stress reduces inflammation
Reduced inflammation can reduce pain and health issues

Greska’s Carbon-60 is truly a “super antioxidant” because it is 200,000 times smaller than antioxidant molecules found in foods making them immensely more bio-available.  Greska’s Carbon-60 works because it operates at the molecular level at the root of the disorder where it all begins.  What makes Greska’s Carbon-60 different from any other carbon-60 product is that it is the only food-grade Carbon-60 product in the world because it has absolutely no toxic solvents such as toluene used in the process of making Greska’s Carbon-60.  Greska’s carbon-60 is made in-house and is not purchased from any outside sources.  No one else has ever accomplished this process of producing carbon-60 molecules without the use of solvents and other toxins.  This is why other products have a purple tint rather than naturally black.  Greska’s carbon-60 is simply trillions of available electrons in a bottle”

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