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Greska’s 45-Day Supply

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Experience relief from inflammation and pain with only 1/8 teaspoon a day.
Proven to enhance brain, nerve, muscle, and organ function.
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Greska’s C60 Face Serum


Squalane oil derived from sugarcane infused with Carbon 60 is a lightweight, non-greasy serum that penetrates deeply leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft with a youthful appearance.


Topical Mist

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Our Carbon 60 in water “Mist” is fast absorption and leaves no oily residue. Enjoy the clean Carbon 60 to reduce the signs of aging promoting a youthful complexion.
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15-Day Supply

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Harness the power of the bio-available C60 that aids your body’s ability to mend itself from within, improving your quality of life.
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Carbon 60 topical Roll-On is used to target age spots, skin inflammation, and acne at the source.
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Greska’s For Pets

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Pet owners report Carbon 60 improves vision, coat quality, and provides more energy, to enhance the quality of their pet’s life.
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Dual Pack

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Transform your health from inside and outside with our Organic, non-GMO Oral supplement and Greska’s Water-Based Carbon 60 “Mist” for a higher quality of life.
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Save money when you purchase our three products together for improved mental clarity, more energy and ageless beauty

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Optional: 45-Day Pump Squirt Top


(5 squirts per daily serving)

Greska’s Carbon-60 Equine Hoof and Joint


Promotes the formation of healthy cell growth when applied to the coronary band. Reduces pain and inflammation when applied to the knee, hock, fetlock, and pastern areas.
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Greska’s Carbon-60 Equine Lamina Spray


When sprayed on the sole it is quickly absorbed through the sole and targets the inflammation and pain associated with founder.
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Greska’s Equine-Pack


Combine and save with Greska’s Equine Pack. Carbon 60 relieves pain and inflammation when topically applied to the the sole, knee, hock, fetlocks, and pastern of a horse.
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