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Transform Your Horse’s Hoof Health with Greska’s Carbon-60!

Carbon 60 applied to hoof

Discover the magic of Greska’s Carbon-60 Lamina Spray!

Greska’s Carbon-60 Equine Lamina Spray helps eliminate oxidative stress and help reduce inflammation and pain when sprayed on the horse’s sole.

Started on Oct 11, Lily’s hooves show remarkable growth & improved health in just 2 weeks.

Reduced Bute dosage and she’s walking with ease.

By Oct 28, we added Hoof & Joint to her regimen. Guess what? Lily’s full of zest, trotting and playfully bucking after another 2 weeks!

Hannah, proud horse owner, shares this incredible journey towards better hoof and joint health.

Why Greska’s Equine Carbon-60?

🔹 Targets pain & inflammation effectively

🔹 Boosts healthy cell proliferation at the coronary band

🔹 Accelerates quality hoof growth naturally

Get ready for a happier, more active horse with Greska’s!

Check it out now and see the difference for yourself!


Understanding Carbon 60

Carbon C60: Live Blood Analysis Revealed: Customer Blood Tests Before and After Pictures as Their Evidence of Greska’s C60

Greska’s Carbon C60 Supplement. The live pics are the research. The pics show, before & after live blood there is no additional literature. Many customers however have done their own blood tests through their local doctor.

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