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Clean, Black Carbon 60

Boost Your Health with Greska's C60

Greska's Carbon-60: The Only Clean Black Carbon 60 Supplement

A Natural Health Solutions, Carbon 60 in Organic Sunflower Oil Oral Supplement

Greska's 45-day Supply Oral Supplement
Carbon 60 detoxifies the body at the cellular and mitochondrial levels, supporting  brain, muscles, joints, organs and nerve function.
Water-based Carbon 60 Topical Mist
Greska's Topical Mist targets free radicals and oxidative stress reducing pain and inflammation. This fast-absorbing mist helps alleviate muscle, joint, and nerve pain while moisturizing the skin, reducing wrinkles and mitigating Ultraviolet light damage.

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Optimize Your Health with Greska's Carbon 60

Testimony: "I started to have increased knee pain, the pain was becoming unbearable where I could not walk or even stand on it for long. I believe in homeopathic avenues first so I bought 2 bottles of Greska’s Carbon-60 .
I have been talking about Greska’s Carbon-60 for approximately 30 days now. What really got me hooked on Greska’s Carbon-60 was my increased my mental state immensely. Brain fog was gone"

"This is the best my knee has felt in about 6 months."
Alan A.

Greska's Bio-Available Carbon 60

C60 powder that is of smaller size is more bio-available

Greska's conversion process creates clean, black, C60 molecules that are 200,000 times smaller than carbon arc or sublimed Carbon 60.

Our molecules are small enough to penetrate skin, organs and cells to stabilize free radicals at the mitochondrial level.

  • No solvent extracted Carbon 60
  • No Sublime/solvent purified C60
  • No washing with other solvents
  • No need to vacuum oven dry off solvents

    We third-party test, CERTIFY, AND VERIFY, our prestine powder to be clean Carbon 60.
  • Our black Carbon 60 is not purple with toxic solvents

    Carbon 60 +Toluene =Purple Toxins

    Wikipedia defines, Carbon 60 as a black solid that dissolves in hydrocarbon solvents to produce a violet solution.

    In this experiment, the color of the C60 solution in solvents, Toluene (A) and Xylene (B), (Trichloroethylene)(C), turned purple, as seen in Figure 2.

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    Exercise induced inflammation is reduced with C60.

    Carbon 60 helps repair cell damage.

    Increase your mobility with Carbon 60

    Ride the Wave to Better Health

    Greska’s “Topical Mist” spray on water-based Carbon 60 suspension quickly absorbs into the skin penetrating into muscle and joints to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

    Spray it on to “Mist Away Your Pain.”

    Improve Brain Function

    A rat study confirmed that C60 was able to improve memory and cognitive function.

    Neuroprotective Studies: Carbon 60 may help protect nerve cells from damage and potential improve cognitive function.

    Immunity Strength

    Studies have shown that Carbon 60 can help keep you from getting viruses and the flu.

    C60 boosts energy and promotes a healthy immune response.

    Skin Health

    Topical application of C60 has demonstrated benefits for skin health.

    Helping to protect against UV-induced sun damage and improves skin hydration.

    Carbon 60 fights oxidative stress and inflammation, reducing redness, roughness, and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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    Benefits of Sunflower Oil

    Our cold-pressed and solvent-free oil preserves all the good Omega 6,
    vitamins E, A, C & D and fatty acids that act as powerful antioxidants.

    Vitamin E and oleic acid reduce wrinkles and fine lines

    Carbon 60 helps decrease inflammation in the skin and enhances the development of new skin cells.

    Choose Greska's Carbon-60

    Clean Carbon 60

    The breakthrough with Greska’s Carbon-60 is that we convert our own Carbon 60 powder contaminant-free. We have the ONLY Carbon 60 with NO solvent used or dried off.

    Natural Organic

    Our Carbon 60 powder is blended into a highly filtered, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, cold-pressed, USA-produced sunflower oil, resulting in the best C60 supplement you can find.

    No Contaminants

    We take quality seriously. Our facility is Third-Party Certified annually to be a Good Manufacturing Practices facility. You can trust that every bottle you receive is safe and effective.

    Our Promise

    We have Independent third-party laboratory tests which verify the presence and quality of Carbon 60 in our powder.