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In 2012, in a scientific breakthrough discovery, Bob Greska created a non-solvent method to produce non-clustered, non-crystallized, contaminant-free, mono-molecular, food-grade, Carbon 60.

Mr. Greska's exclusive method is the only contaminant-free Carbon 60 process to date. Bob spent 3+ years scaling up the process to produce working quantities of these clean C60 molecules. Traditional and current production methods for producing Carbon-60 contain trace contaminants from the impurities in the carbon rods and residual hydrocarbon solvent residues used to separate the C60 from the rod’s electric arc-produced soot.

After extensive scientific research, Mr. Greska realized the potential health and athletic performance benefits of ultra-clean Carbon 60 and formed Greska’s Carbon-60, Inc.

Bob Greska, CEO & Founder

Bob Greska received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southeastern Massachusetts University (Ranked #2 after MIT, Now Called U. Mass.) in 1978. He focused his studies on Material Science, specifically carbon, and mentored under his life-long friend, the developer of fiber optics.

Mr. Greska joined Lockheed Missile and Space in Sunnyvale, California, in 1978. After one year as a Materials Specialist with carbon fiber reinforced plastics, he was appointed as the Process Engineer to oversee the fabrication of the ceramic billets used for the Space Shuttles Columbia's reentry heat shield tiles.

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Carbon Braiding Machine

Carbon braiding machine

In 1980, Mr. Greska relocated to Littleton, Colorado, and provided Materials Engineering support for Carbon Fiber spacecraft structures at Martin Marietta Aerospace. He provided design support for Boeing's 767 aircraft engine nacelle. He worked on the Venus Magellan probe and Manned Maneuvering Unit (space backpack). Bob specified, coordinated, and oversaw testing of critical Carbon spacecraft components for special programs. He was the Materials Engineering “point man” at NASA in New Orleans, supporting the Space Shuttles external tank production scale-up. He managed and ran an $8M production operation for thermal ablative heat shield paint over a four-year period.

He reported to the head of Research and Development, of Martin Marietta, developing Carbon materials used for spacecraft laser strike defense.

In 1990, Mr. Greska dedicated his life to the advancement of health and human performance founding Engineering Innovations, LLC.

Engineering Innovations was a firm that design and manufactured carbon, carbon fiber, and Kevlar structures for the medical, sports, fitness, and aerospace communities. Mr. Greska was one of the pioneers in braiding Carbon fiber.

Miniature Rocket Nozzle

Rocket Nozzle

Bob Greska's Engineering Legacy

space shuttle

Space Shuttle

Mr. Greska oversaw and controlled processing parameters to fabricate the ceramic billets on the first shuttle to fly.

space shuttle external tanks

Space Shuttle
External Tanks

Mr. Greska worked at NASA to initiate test programs to establish the scale-up of external tank production.

megellan probe

Megellan Venus Probe

Mr. Greska tested the Megellan Venus Probe's reflective coatings to study the degradation resulting from the sun's intensity.

Manned Space Walk


Mr. Greska provided material engineering support for the fiber reinforced structural frame for the Manned Maneuvering Unit.

Health and Human Performance

Robot Arm Created by Bob Greska

Robot Arm

Mr. Greska developed a revolutionary Carbon Fiber robot arm, graphite-wrapped baseball bats, drumsticks, violin bows, and many other carbon products.

spring loaded running shoe

Spring Loaded Shoe

Mr. Greska pioneered the modern day spring shoe, developing and testing prototypes at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

metabolic table

Metabolic Table

Mr. Greska produced large honeycomb-sandwich graphite-epoxy force platforms for human metabolic studies.

glass mandrels

Glass Mandrel

Mr. Greska produced large honeycomb-sandwich graphite-epoxy force platforms for human metabolic studies.He also developed electrolysis devices to separate hydrogen fuel from water and to produce healthy alkalize drinking water

Hypobaric Chamber

Mr. Greska pioneered a personal hypobaric high-altitude simulation chamber providing known Tour De France Bicyclist a competitive edge. (see:


Hydrogen Electrolysis

Mr. Greska developed many electrolysis devices to separate hydrogen fuel from water and to produce healthy alkalize drinking water.

Energy Return Crutches

Energy Return Crutches

Mr. Greska developed energy return crutches and carbon-fiber prosthetics that significantly helped disabled individuals.

Carbon Fiber Dragster Seat

Top-Fuel Dragster Seat

Mr. Greska's developed a body fitting graphite/Kevlar seat for top-fuel dragsters.