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Enhance Your Health with Greska's Carbon-60

Greska’s Carbon-60 is an odorless and tasteless dietary supplement. It can be taken orally or applied topically on your skin to support better health, wellness, and quality of life.

Greska’s Carbon-60 contains 60 carbon molecules—an ingredient commonly referred to as C60, Carbon 60, or fullerene. Scientists believe that C60 exhibits unique antioxidant properties. This is exciting news since antioxidants help stabilize free radicals – the pesky molecules notoriously linked to heart disease and visual impairment—to joint inflammation. ­

When used as a topical for sore muscles and joints, our product quickly absorbs into the skin. Our Carbon 60 molecules are nano size, small enough to penetrate the skin, muscles, ligaments, bones, and organs and work at the mitochondrial level, small enough to enter the cell where many toxins are trapped.

Many users report Greska’s Carbon-60 is the best supplement they have ever taken. Athletes report their best performance.

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All Carbon 60 is not the same. Only Greska’s Carbon-60 is 100% Solvent-Free, and Food-Grade Dietary Supplement.

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Greska's Carbon 60 filled pipette

What Makes Greska's Carbon-60 Unique

Greska’s exclusive Ultra Clean Carbon-60 powder conversion process produces a pure, bio-compatible, and bio-available form of Carbon 60 unlike any other. It is non-crystalline, nano-sized spheres are small enough to penetrate and help cells and mitochondria.

What is it?

Greska’s Carbon-60 is a carbon-based dietary supplement. It is odorless and virtually tasteless. It can be taken orally or applied topically on your skin to support better health and wellness.

Greska's Carbon 60 filled pipette

One serving: 2/3rds of a dropper 

Carbon 60 activates the body’s natural antioxidant response and detoxifies cells supporting the reduction of allergy symptoms, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy joints, and significantly supports healthy aging, increased energy, and mental health.[3]

How Much to Take: Our Carbon-60 oil is highly concentrated. You only consume 1/8 teaspoon (2/3 mL) per serving.

There are no known adverse interactions of Greska’s Carbon-60 with any medications. Our Carbon 60 is third-party verified and tested to be the only 100% solvent-free, food-grade, clean Carbon 60 product. [5]

How It Works

Health experts agree that excessive free radicals and toxins are recognized as a significant contributor to the development of many health issues and are responsible for aging. Greska’s Carbon-60 protects against this damage, supporting healthy cell function.

Excessive free radicals are known to cause oxidative stress. Free radicals are molecules in your body, missing an electron. These electron-deficient molecules impair healthy bodily functions by stealing electrons from neighboring healthy cells. (Oxidative Stress)

Greska’s Carbon-60™ molecules provide electrons that stimulate an antioxidant response within your cells to stabilize damaging free radicals, neutralize toxins, halting the damaging chain reaction of oxidative stress.

Benefits of Greska's Carbon-60

Studies have shown that Carbon-60 can help, clear your mind, improve your health, and help keep you from getting sick.[1]

Greska’s Carbon-60 sunflower oil contains compounds and vitamins that have been reported to be beneficial to your skin and can help reduce wrinkles.[8]

Happy Carbon 60 User

Carbon 60 activates the body’s natural antioxidant response that supports the reduction of allergy symptoms, inflammation, and promotes healthy joints. It significantly supports healthy aging, increased energy, and cognitive function.[3]

Reported Benefits of Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E and also contains vitamins A, C, and D, making it effective in the treatment of acne. Sunflower oil contains vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants to regenerate new skin cells and help your skin rid itself of acne-causing bacteria.  The high amount of beta-carotene, vitamin E, and fatty acids are essential for skin barrier repair.[6]

The vitamin E and oleic acid in Carbon-60 sunflower oil can help protect the collagen and elastin in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your face.

Carbon-60 sunflower oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help lower skin redness and roughness. Carbon-60 sunflower oil is high in omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acid, which helps decrease inflammation in the skin and enhances the development of new skin cells.[

The Science of Carbon 60

Studies Confirm the Benefits of Carbon 60

Supports a Healthy Immune System

Supports Healthy Aging

Supports Healthy Skin, Sleep, and Mental Clarity